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I love having a job where I can watch a girl become a young lady right in front of my camera lens! All girls have had photos made at some point, whether it was at school for the yearbook (boring!), at a family photo session, with friends on their phones., and, of course, the selfies! :) But their SENIOR photo session is a special opportunity to capture a special time in their life- when they're riding that line of being a girl and becoming a young woman.

That's why I love showing girls what its like to be a supermodel for a day! The confidence they gain from the SENIOR EXPERIENCE is amazing!


This is the "mom-pleaser" session. I know there are some girls that are only having their senior portraits made because Mom wants her to have them done. So even though there isn't much time to include your favorite things or travel to multiple locations in this session, we'll have fun making images that mom will cherish for years to come..... even though you didn't want your photos taken! :)

In the BASIC session, you can choose a field, farm, downtown area, or local park. No matter which location you choose, we'll definitely have fun making you look your best in your portraits!

1 hour shooting time
1 location
2 outfits.
15-20 portraits to choose from

Put your best face forward with professional MAKEUP application! It makes a BIG difference in your photos! In the LITE session, we get to have a little more fun showing off who YOU really are.! We'll have time to incorporate a few of your favorite things and travel to an additional location. I love incorporating some of the things that make you unique: sports equipment, uniform, instrument, dance outfit, letter jacket, car, etc. because I believe that portraits should be a reflection of the person in them!

In the LITE session, you can even bring your BFF or boyfriend along for a few shots if you want.... AND you'll get a Custom Photo App to install on any mobile device that includes 6 of your favorite images!

A few suggestions for the places we can take your portraits in the LITE session (with permission, of course!): Sports field/gym, Locker room, School hallways, Open field, Farm, Downtown, Lake/pond, Local park, Alleyways, Abandoned buildings., etc...

2 hours shooting time
2 locations (within 20 miles of each other),
4 outfits
Professional makeup application
35-40 portraits to choose from
Custom mobile photo app with 6 favorite images

Be treated to professional makeup AND professional hair styling before we head out to the 3 locations of your choice! I also like to call this one the "Girl's Best Friend" session because you can bring along your PET for a few shots! I've done sessions with horses, dogs and even a lizard! (Just make sure someone comes along to care for the pet while we're doing the other portraits!) Also, in addition to everything offered in the previous session, you'll get more time, locations, portraits, app images AND a MEDIUM CANVAS!

3 hours shooting time
3 locations (within 30 miles of each other),
6 outfits
Professional makeup application
Professional hair styling
55-60 portraits to choose from
Medium Canvas
Custom mobile photo app with12 favorite images

This is the ULTIMATE SENIOR EXPERIENCE! You'll be pampered with professional MAKEUP application, professional HAIR styling, a MANI-PEDI, AND wardrobe styling before we head out to your supermodel session! You'll get everything in the previous session, plus more pampering, time, locations, outfits, portraits, app images, and the complimentary CANVAS!

4 hours shooting time
4 locations (within 30 miles of each other),
Unlimited outfits
Professional makeup application
Professional hair styling
Professional Manicure and Pedicure
Wardrobe styling
85-100 portraits to choose from
Medium Canvas
Custom mobile app with 35 favorite images


The Session Fee is $125 per hour of shooting time. After your session, we'll meet up for your Order Appointment where you'll see all your lovely photographs on the big screen!

About 2 weeks after the photo session, we'll come together for your Order Appointment in my home office. My first priority is making it as easy as possible for my clients to get what they want from their Portrait Session... You'll be able to get the photos you love without feeling pressured... its a fun and laid back time where you get to purchase anything you want! I have pre-chosen collections that include popular products and discounts, but you can also build your own by using my a la carte Product Menu..

All my clients love how the payment plan works because its so much easier on the wallet! :)

1. Pay the session fee to book your appointment,
2. Pay half when the order is placed
3. Pay the remainder when the products are delivered.

Easy as pie and there are no extra fees!
Payments can be made by cash, check, debit or credit.

Contact me to book your session and let's have fun on your SENIOR EXPERIENCE photo session!

Call 256.653.4675 or use the contact form!